Monday, 31 January 2011

Smiling Again

The weekend was a washout Saturday passed by in a rush of tantrums and chores and was over before we knew it. Sunday I spent the day in bed! I can't ever remember really doing that before but I had some weirdy bug thing that left me feeling drained and ill. So all in all a weekend I would rather forget.
I am feeling much more positive today though the sun is shining and Lucy seems raring to go and full of ideas today. We have set ourselves some targets for this month and are ready to get going.
We spent an hour this morning looking at Victorian fashion for Lucy's Febuary project  The Victorians.
We had a good chat about different fabrics and textures and Lucy drew some good pictures of various fashions especially good was a very cool riding hat which she added a few extras to herself. This then moved onto talking about Victorian weddings and what flowers they would carry what they would eat at their wedding breakfast and so on and so on.
I need to set up Microsoft Word again as ours has run out an she really needs hates writing with pen and paper amazes me how good her keyboard skills are though.
She has discovered a few sites she enjoys mainly maths skills like this one and this one she also likes Tutput which has maths and spelling challenges
This afternoon she has done her own thing playing with the dog in the garden and bouncing on the trampoline she just looks happier and that is making me happy it is lovely to see my little girl smiing again.

Thursday, 27 January 2011


So I'm worried, I think she's worried and I think we are both wondering if we have done the right thing. Deep down I know I have it was the right decision she was so unhappy and fed up at school but I keep having these fluttery little moments of panic when I realise if I fail at this now she fails too and it's scaring me.


I've started this blog to record of my time as a Mum. I have wanted to start one for a while and  I think taking my eldest daughter L out of school has being the kick up the bum I needed to start one.

So I have 6 children the eldest is 13 and the youngest is 20 months. L has some SEN including dyslexia and probably dyspraxia and has not found school easy it has shattered her confidence and I am hoping to build that up in the next few months.