Friday, 1 April 2011

The story behind the photo

So my brother decided to be embarrassing as is his right as an annoying younger brother, but be warned I shall have my revenge! He went up to the loft in Mum's house and went through all the old photos  and posted them on facebook.
Among all the laughter and pointing at old hairstyles and clothes, he posted a picture of me holding my son when he was first born and it made me gasp!
I looked like a baby, I thought I was so grown up back then but there I am looking like I am posing with a new baby brother rather than my own son.
It is astonishing to realise that my own (not so little anymore) boy is only around 5 years younger than I was when I had him.
I keep going back to look at it and wonder why I thought I could do it, it never occurred to me that I couldn't do it which I suppose was the stubborn teenager coming out in me,  although other people were probably thinking I was doing the wrong thing and I know a few thought my Mum was going to end up looking after him, my Grandma used to say I would be propping a book up in one hand and the baby in another, actually she was right about that but he does like to read himself now so yay me.
It was hard he was a lovely baby but his first year was spent among packing boxes, a rowing family (they do like a drama!) and me being pregnant again when he was around 5 months old.
Yes it was hard and in no way would I recommend teenage pregnancy to anyone but when I look at that photo I do feel a little bit of pride at what me and Mr B achieved when a lot of people said we wouldn't cope. But we did and 13 years on all is good .
Dylan had his progress day yesterday and he is predicted to gain A* results in his GCSE'S  if he continues keeping his grades up. I am so proud of him.


  1. I bet your son is glad to have such a young and hip mum!

  2. Ha, I feel about 80 these days!

  3. Really enjoyed this post. I love to hear the story behind a picture :-) and congats on how well your son is doing, you must be very proud x

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