Friday, 25 February 2011

5 things I want my kids to know about me

I saw this blog prompt on and thought I would give it a go, so thankyou for the idea and introducing me to this site The Friday Club.

Ok so here goes 5 Things I want my Kids to know about me.

1) I love you all, I know you hear some people telling me I must have been mad to have such a large family but don't ever listen, You are all your Dad and I ever wanted and each and every one of you is loved just as much as the others. You are the best time of my life and I cherish everyday (yes even the stressful ones) . I am amazed by all of you and the way you are all so different from each other, I find it hard to believe that I got so lucky to get you all and most of all I am and always will be proud of of you.

Right have you finished with the sick bucket,  Then lets move on shall we?

2) Before I had you I worked in a nursing home and I almost got sacked for taking a couple of residents out, one of them was a 100! We went to  the pub down the road where they got riproaring drunk and had the most fun they had had in a long time and although I got into trouble I don't regret liberating them for the day.

3) I wish I had been more confident when I was younger and not just followed the crowd, I would have ideas and thoughts that I knew were worth voicing but not stick my head over the parapet because I was scared of what others would think of me. I'm not so scared now and don't really care what anyone thinks of me but I wish I had been a bit more bolshy in my younger days.And I hope you  are all brave enough not to be sheep and follow your own path rather than the loudest person's in the room.Your Dad is confident and will talk to anyone about anything and I want you all to inherit his confidence.

4) I hope you grow up and are happy when you think back to your childhood.I worry all the time that I am doing it wrong or that you will think it was all a bit rubbish, just remember I am human and you lot didn't come with a manual so I am going to screw up sometimes but I always try my best for you.

5)When I watch you all now playing,hugging,reading and your endless pretend games giggling away with each other I really hope the closeness remains when you are adults and dosen't get destroyed by petty rows and jealousy. Please don't fall out and lose touch with each other.
So many families are eaten up by arguments and I would hate for my children to be like this.

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  1. hehe, I love that you took those residents out for the night of their lives!

    Lovely list, I've got four and it is my great wish that they remain close when they are adults. I find it hard to believe they'll ever get on after some of the sibling fighting I see on a daily basis!