Saturday, 5 February 2011


I had a lie in today it was lovely,last night was lovely too because the neighbours decided to have a normal party rather than their usual Friday night rave [hmm]. We had a take away and watched True Blood and for once toddlergirl decided to sleep.

She has started talking all of  sudden and has quickly changed from this screaming wanting baby into a cheerful little girl. She dances, she smiles,she chats  and best of all she cuddles constantly you will be sat on the floor and she launches herself at you for a huge cuddle.

The other kids seem happy today Poppy and Gaby are dressed up and sat under the table which is covered in sheets is their den they have supplies some books, Disney princess perfume and a pillow. Lola keeps going under too but forgets she is actually under the table and tries to stand up.
Lucy and Alice are upstairs on their DS's and Dylan is out for a friends birthday.

I am dyeing my hair later I know I will probably regret it but I have a box of red hair dye and the temptation is too strong and I will probably post later bemoaning my red bathroom or asking for tips on how to get my ears back to skin colour.

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