Monday, 21 February 2011


So the week from Hell continued with the washer breaking and my lovely mother in law was rushed into hospital and she was quite ill for a couple of days -fortunately she is on the mend now and should be home soon.
I am hoping this week will be better although I got woken up this morning by Brett telling me "Your iron's broken" Erm it's not my bloody iron and I can't believe something else has broke.
At least yesterday was fun I did some drawing with the girls and have discovered that I am quite good at giraffes but if I draw a dog it always looks like a pooing dog [blush].
I did some more baking with the girls fairy cakes and cornflake buns. The mess was quite something as we went wrong with the icing and ended up with deep blue and pink sugar water!


Lego Victorian schoolroom
 Me and Lucy did some more reading and then ended up talking about The Tudors I think she was mainly interested in the gory bits as she was  fascinated  by Anne Boleyn .We watched some clips on YouTube this Horrible History's clip is very funny.
Back to the Victorians today I have all the kids at home because of half term and Alice has teamed up with Lucy to do some work. We have been learning about Florence Nightingale and then the girls decided to make a Lego Victorian village complete with a graveyard (told you they were gory) they have just took a huge cardboard box upstairs and are drawing another village on that I would like to say all is calm but I can hear a row about one of them not drawing people  properly ..sigh.

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