Saturday, 5 February 2011

Room -Emma Donoghue

I read this about a month ago and was a bit wary at first after  reading the synopsis but I am so glad I decided to read it. Rather then the story focusing on the horrific situation the two main characters are in it tends to concentrate on the strength of  a Mum;s  love  and how accepting and trusting small children are.

So Room is told from the perspective of a 5 year old boy Jack who you quickly fall in love with. He has never left the room he is in and thinks that everybody lives in the television.
He is very innocent and happy with life. His Mother of course is not happy but keeps Jack safe  from their kidnapper and finally comes up with an escape plan.

The escape had my heart pounding I had to stay awake until I found out what had  happened  I really did care about what happened to Jack and His Mum.

I have to say I enjoyed the first half of the the book more than the second . It was good  but I think it may have been better switching and  being told from Jack's Mum's point of view ?

But all in all an amazing book I know a lot of people have compared it to the Fritzl case and found this distasteful but to me this was a feel good book, horrible and scary in parts but the power of love between Jack and his Mum shines through on every page.

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