Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Slowly but surely

The rabbit died :(. It was Lucy's bunny and only 9 months old we think a fox may have spooked him. Lucy was very upset she spent the day yesterday crying so not much was done.
It was however a busy day for me firstly I had a planned visit with a lady from an organisation called  Parent Partnership. I did  think she was going to give me some advice about groups in our area but the conversation soon turned to "Getting Lucy back into school" Hmmm ok then.
To be fair she did give me some good advice about statements but the rest of it was all tied in to help Lucy could only recieve  if she was in a school. She also told me I HAD to be a member of Education Otherwise in order to home educate.
During the afternoon we had an unexpected visitor from the LEA I was half expecting it so it wasn't a real shock and she seemed very nice and told me straight away that it was perfectly fine to be doing what we were doing she just wanted to check that we were ok and were sure about deregistering. Once I told her we were sure and everyone was happy she went on her way.
I am letting Lucy have a couple of quiet days and surprisingly she has started just doing things by herself rather than asking me every two minutes if she can do this or go on that.
She seems to be enjoying working on her Victorian Project most of all -we spent some time yesterday on the BBC History For Kids site and it really captured her imagination she was full of questions and ideas  She wants to make a collage of a scullery maid which I think sounds lovely.
 To tie in with the Project we are reading Hetty Feather she got it for Xmas 2009 but it seemed a bit old for her then but now seems like a good time to give it a go.
Lucy and Alfie.
So slowly but surely we seem to be creating a routine for ourselves and enjoying going at our own pace. Lucy is enjoying learning rather than looking upon each day as something to get over and done with everyday. I am very very proud of her.

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