Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Bad Mood Bear

Day two of the fog and I am staring to wonder if is having some kind of super scary mind bending power effect on Lucy. Of course I may have just got freaked out by that film The Fog but jeez she is in a really bad mood.
Alice is home today,she woke up in the night complaining of a sore eye and good Mum that I am I gave it a quick wipe and sent her back to bed so felt a bit bad when she woke up with a bright red swollen eye! I did think she had conjunctivitis but her eye is back to normal now and she has come down with a cold (excellent germ sharing skills there Lola) so I think she needed a duvet day.
Anyway Lucy seems to be having jealousy issues today because Alice is home and it is driving me mad. She has spent most of the day upstairs only appearing if she wants to tell me I'm unfair or that she hates Alice, The favourite phrase his hour is "Well she is your favourite" sigh that is so untrue by the way, I do not favour my children I dislike them all equally.
Stuff we have done today this morning Lucy made scrambled eggs for breakfast all by herself and I taught her how to use the washer.. she asked I didn't decide to suddenly train her up as the cleaner.
We did some word games and then we decided to write a book for Lola except Lucy decided she wouldn't help and retreated upstairs.
The book was nice though about a Little Bear who loses his favourite book and goes through a park to look for it. Alice enjoyed drawing and did the front cover and blurb plus all the illustrations.
I think Lucy got the creative bug then as she said she is writing a book but we are not allowed to know what it is ...sigh.
All is calm for now, an hour to go til the school run and Alice and Lola are watching Toy story and Lucy is somewhere plotting against me hopefully cheering up.

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