Friday, 25 March 2011

What A Week


  1. I think i read a bit about the family on a MN thread :-(

    At least it seem's like you've managed to keep a sense of humour. When all else fails i always find resorting to humour helps in a kind of if you don't laugh you'd have to cry kind of a way.

    It's very obvious that you're certainly not any sort of a loser, infact i think your family are probably more than just a little jealous of you. It all sounds like it must have been so hurtful though, i was gutterd for you reading about what had gone on. For what it's worth i think you were treat very unfairly, i suspect they know that somewhere in themselves but some people find it easier to stay angry than say sorry, sadly.

    Sounds like you still managed to have a nice weekend with your children though.

    Take care, Jo x

  2. Thanks Jo, you just made me cry a little bit :).
    I just think I'm different to them, it has always been the same TBH.
    They are all keeping a low profile for now anyway. xxxx

  3. You're welcome. I guess if your family are keeping a low profile at the moment it's probably preferable than them not being nice. Maybe just enjoy the peace while it lasts :-) (although i know it's still sad).

    While i'm here i just thought i'd let you know that i have given your blog the LIEBSTER AWARD. I have really enjoyed discovering your blog and have been really suprised/happy to know of another Mum of 6,one of whom is home ed like one of mine !

    Hope you're ok and you have a good week. I've just escaped from my 2 year old's wendy house where i was not only force fed plastic food but i was made to drink several cups of imaginary tea too lol, my days are so glamorous ! :-)
    (Took me a little while to leave you this comment as my internet decided to misbehave)

    Take care, Jo xxx

  4. Wow thanks Jo, I knew my oscar speech would come in handy one day :D.
    I'm having a good week thanks, the weather is great and it is dd's 3 birthday today so we have had cake.
    Lola does the forcefeeding thing too, she spends ages walking round with two cups and makes you clink and say "cheers".
    Will blog about my award tomorrow, thankyou again it means a lot :).
    take care xx