Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Fed up

I am so fed up today, Lucy is having a meltdown for various reasons.
1)Because I don't want her to sit on Club Penguin all day
2)Because I have given her new clothes, this is not her fault though she has sensory issues and now the jeans she is wearing have been crafted by the Devil himself if you believed her,
3)She doesn't want to come on the school-run with me because it is foggy,

I am fed up because.

1) The toddler has a cold and has also had a wee on the settee so now I have to strip it down and wash it.
2)The house is a tip, I have fell so far behind on housework that the hoover thinks it's a coat hanger and the kids played hide and seek in the ironing pile.
3)MrB although helpful around the house seems to think he lives in a giant wardrobe and has strewn his clothes all over.
4)I'm very tired because I stayed up until 1am,watching the ER box set.
5)TheSon hates me today because I sent a note in to his teacher and put two kisses on it without realising.
6)The dog is on some sort of freak out at the moment and spends his days trotting, yes trotting like a horse upstairs and crying when he can't see us.

Ahhh well better stop moaning and try and get this house and various children back in order


  1. Hi,i came accross your blog on mumsnet,saw a link on a thread. I think your blog is brilliant, i loved this latest entry, i can really identify with the hoover resembeling a coat hanger and the dog acting odd (our dog goes through funny phases of acting very strangely too !).
    Anyway just thought i'd leave a comment as i'm really enjoying your blog :-)

  2. Hi,thanks for that it really cheered me up :D.
    The dog is driving me mad he thinks he is one of the kids.
    Do you have a blog? Let me know if you do would love to have a nosey.

  3. I found your blog, looking forward to reading it later :).