Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Gardeners' World?

Just me and Lola today, MrB has the week off and has taken Lou to visit his Mum who is out of hopital now but still ill.
I feel like I haven't spent any time on my own with Lola for a while so I am planning on having some fun with her later and lots of smooshy cuddles.
I just wish the weather was a bit better I am so ovr Winter now and want to spend some decent time outdoors-the garden is like a muddy bog at the moment and very boring to look at, I do plan on changing that in the near future although I am a complete gardening noob, it can't be that hard though can it? [deludes self].
Anyway I am on the lookout for lots of pots for the back of the garden to fill with flowers -which will look pretty and stop the dog escaping hopefully. I want to use the small side for veggies and the big side for the kids to play in.

Watch this space...........

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