Wednesday, 9 March 2011


It has been a quiet here partly because MrB was home from work for the week and also Lucy had a rotten cold and all she wanted to do was chill out and watch DVDs.
Things are getting back to normal though, Lucy is into books in a big way especially non-fiction. We must have bought around 40 last week from various charity shops and Amazon. Her favourite is a questions and answers encyclopedia which she is constantly looking through, this has also piqued an interest in the Human body and she has become a little bit obsessed with the documentary channels and the constant A&E programmes they show.
We set up an account on Maths Whizz this morning and I was pleased that she could already do fractions. I am hopeless at maths so when any of my kids show a bit of talent in that subject I am a little in awe :).
Have also decided that we need a little bit of routine first thing or we tend to stagnate all morning  and before you know it 11.00 has arrived and nothing is done. So know when the other girls set off for school we are looking at a website called This Day In History. We look at what has happend and then Lucy chooses one which she is interested in and we do a bit of research on it, So soon we we will be full of random General Knowledge!
Other stuff Lucy did some painting with oil paints last week, my bath is still covered in little flakes of the stuff (sigh), then at the weekend we took inspiration from this Blog TheImaginationTree  and made homemade paint it was a lot of fun and the girls enjoyed making it aswell as painting with it. You can find the recipe here.

Faster Mummy!

A morning at the park

Oil Paint

Lola trying it out

Homemade Paint

Poppy's Princess

Sunday Moning Pyjama Painting!

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