Monday, 16 May 2011


Its been a pretty lazy week if I'm honest MrB had a week off and that tends to make me go into weekend mode and want to slob around in my PJ's /blush/ I do think it has the same effect on him as none of the DIY jobs he was going to do are done, the stairs are still banisterless  (is that a word?) and the bbanister is unpainted in the porch, the lawn is still long and the bedroom still has the old wallpaper up. I am hopeless at DIY but I am seriously thinking of looking for a local college course and learning some skills.


  1. I have often thought of doing the same as my husband hates DIY so much that saying those 3 letters to him is like swearing at him !

  2. I know it drives me mad, maybe we should both learn some DIY!