Thursday, 5 May 2011

Thursday 5/5

Ok so the past two days have been fun, We have decided to get a rabbit, 2 rabbits if the kids have their way, 1 if I get mine and none if MrB gets his ! We have a hutch all ready now we just need to find a bunny or two.
Lucy had an art pack I picked up in Homebargains last week and it had instructions on how to draw a dog this led to Lucy drawing all kinds of things from a bee to teapots.
Cleaned the garden, Lucy read a chapter of Danny The Champion Of The World to me and then did some maths work online, we watched a recorded programe Junk Food Baby which was interesting and inspired Lou to research healthy food and plan a meal for next week, she also asked if we could have a go at making lemonade.
Today MrB, me, Lucy and Lola ended up messing about with rubber bands for the morning it was more fun then it sounds! Lucy has made a catapult and has basically played with it all day we worked out what stuff worked best with it and found out why lighter things went further then heavy things and she has been using old cans as target practise. We also tried to make whistles from sticks and failed miserably but hey ho never mind.
We were going to do some maths this afternoon but my brother and  nephew turned up and we haven't seen him since Christmas so we had a lovely afternoon in the garden watching Lucy, Lola and my nephew bounce around on the trampoline, he has grown so fast it was lovely to be able to give him a big hug I've missed him so much.


  1. Oh a rabbit! Your children must be so excited

  2. We have a dwarf lop eared rabbit,he's spotty with big floppy ear's. He's so friendly he's more like a small dog, he's gorgeous, getting on a bit now though as he's 9 years old.
    Happy rabbit buying :-)

  3. Thankyou both, have not got one yet still looking around can't wait though :D x