Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Onwards and Upwards

Am breaking blogger silence, I seriously can't believe how fast this month has gone! They say time flies when your having fun and we certainly have been with the hot weather and double bank holidays everyone seems to have been in laid back holiday mode, today was the first day of normality and routine for a long time.

We haven't done much apart from hang about in the garden and catch up with friends and family but the down time was very much appreciated and needed. It was lovely to just sit and listen to the children laugh and have fun outdoors, Lola loves to be outside and  toddles around examining everything she finds, the other girls love to ride round on their bikes or learn new tricks on the trampoline, even the teen ;) came out of his room and sat with me in the sun and he didn't mention Xbox for a whole 15 minutes.

I just hope this warm weather is here to stay until October for a while.

Have sort of lost our mojo with regards to Lucy's home education probably due to the other kids been at home from school and the fact that I have discovered that Lucy and I are just not the sit down and do three lessons a day type people [blush].

So I have done what all the books and forums said I would eventually do and decided to let Lucy take the lead, (I'm just textbook me!). Anyway instead of the usual mumbles I have been getting from Lou lately she was very excited and came up with loads of ideas including wanting to learn about Italy, baking, cooking French food, making her own bath products and trying to design and make candles, growing stuff in the garden and having her own small patch, making bouncy balls, photography, redesigning and helping to decorate her bedroom and so on and so on.
We have decided that on top of this we will sit down and do some maths at least twice a week and she will do some sort of written work every day, we will also continue with reading of course but after that I am just going to follow her lead.

I so hope that this new routine works for us, it does feel as though a weight has been taken from my shoulders I was trying too hard and it was almost as though Lucy was back in school and the strain was starting to show with both of us. We have only been HE for 4 months so I suppose we were bound to hit teething problems, but now the only way is UP :).

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  1. It must be lovely to let your child lead, its half the battle if its something they want to learn.