Monday, 23 May 2011

Lucy Led Learning

So the Lucy-led learning is going ok. We have had a few hiccups but  things are smoothing out and coming along nicely.

I have been brave and put the feelers out with our local HE group and made a few plans to meet up with some other HE families, I knew this bit would be hard when we started HE  as I don't drive and have to stick within school hours as I have the other kids to pick up, so we can't go to the meet up's all of the time which is a shame as some of the sound fun. But hopefully we will make some new friends and work something out.

We have been doing loads I was going to take some photos but The Son has stolen the batteries from my camera for his X-Box controller. So you'll just have to put up with me wittering on I'm afraid.

Lucy made bouncy balls using this set  from Amazon. I was very surprised how easy it was and how quickly you go from crystals to bouncy balls (that really bounce) it literally took 5 minutes from start to finish for each ball and was so simple I can't recommend it enough.

It has been a very creative week. Lucy has been writing a lot of stories most of them seem to involve Lola which isn't surprising as she adores her and Lola really looks up to her and follows her around like a little shadow, it's very cute even though Lola can't say her name and walks round calling her Alice! But Lucy dosen't seem to mind too much.
They did some arts and crafts together this morning Lola sat with the play dough while Lucy made her a couple of cards for her birthday next week, it was a very peaceful hour which is a rare in this house.

A lot of reading has been going on we started reading The Railway Children which is one of my old favourites but my Kindle broke :( so we are waiting for the replacement before we can finish it. She is doing really well at reading aloud I love listening to her. I bought her this version of  Romeo & Juliet she pulled a face when it arrived this morning but  was hooked from the first page. The text is really simple and very easy to follow and she was hanging on to every word by the end of it which was brilliant as I have never seen that reaction to a book with Lucy before. It only took 15 minutes to read out loud and now she is full of questions about it so well worth 2.55.  I will definitely be buying some more of this series

We  bought some grow bags, seeds and compost over the weekend and will be planting those this week, we have big plans for the garden and I think MrB is finally taking notice and has offered to help.

Other stuff Lucy has been up includes searching her globe and looking up info about whichever country catches her eye, she has developed an odd interest in Taiwan and is full of useless  facts about the place.
She has been playing brain training on the DS and has just started doing a daily challenge on maths training.

So all in all a good few days, I hope it continues.


  1. Sound's like the home ed is going really well, and it sound's like you're doing a fab job :-)
    I home ed my eldest and i'm very much lead by where her interests take us. Due to her disability however much of our time is eaten in to by all the various therapies she need's each day,which is a shame really.
    Good to hear how well things are going though. Also it made me laugh to read your camera batteries had been re located to an xbox controller, that's also one of the many joy's of having son's in our house too :-)xx

  2. Oh the Railway children is one of my favourites. Its a shame some of these classics are not as popular these days.

  3. Sounds like it's ging well
    I too bought some things for the garden (pots) to be done this week. I may actually have to do it!