Tuesday, 17 May 2011

The sun has got his hat on

The sun has got his hat on hip hip hip hooray the sun has got his hat on and we've been out to play :d.

So Lucy's book arrived this morning, this one and it got her crafty juices flowing so we decided to go to the park and then pick up some art supplies on the way back.

The park was lovely still really quiet as it was quite early we went into the walled garden first and it really is like stepping back in time to a Victorian garden , its just really really beautiful full of arches and an old fountain with ducks waddling around, the roses smelt beautiful I could have stayed there all day, especially when  Lucy and Lola found a little hidden spot and we watched 2 squirrels sat on a picnic bench eating some breakfast, it was very cute.

We set off to the main park and discovered some new park equipment, a huge hammock and a climbing frame made from ropes, the girls had me pushing them around on the hammock and Lola had a huge tantrum and I had to wrestle her back in her pram.

Found a craft shop and the lady who ran it was brilliant she gave us loads of free loyalty points because it was our first visit and told us about the classes she runs one sounds interesting for Lucy filmo modelling, think we are definitely going to go along on Saturday.


  1. Nothing like a nice crafty afternoon. I haven't used flimo for years. I always loved the range of colours you can use.

  2. I know it's amazing stuff I'm hoping she enjoys it.
    Just reread my post must remember to spellcheck *cringe* & *blush* :D x